close the gap in your buisness between digital storytelling and authentic human connection

working with wellness companies to increase online reach, strengthen branding, and find ideal customers through social media strategy and content. 

Wellness companies have the added pressure above other industries to stay true to themselves through all aspects of customer acquisition.

Staying true to your passions can seem at odds with marketing yourself and your business. I'm here to close that gap and give you the tools to define your success for yourself, in a way that stays authentic to your mission and feeds your bank account.

Let’s work together to create a smart & satisfying strategy for your soulful business.  


Social Strategy

Content Creation & Posting Schedules

Community Engagement


Partnerships & Sponsorships

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Marketing & Brand Strategy

Connect with consumers through the power of storytelling.

Build sustainable community partnerships.

Organize the marketing calendar.

Stay consistent, concise, and entertaining in every communication.


Program Development & Management

Brand Ambassador Programs

Trade Shows

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Event Planning

Pop-up Shops

Corporate Events


Know what you need?

We create individual marketing packages

for each business goal.