close the gap in your buisness between digital storytelling and authentic human connection

working with wellness companies to increase online reach, strengthen branding, and find ideal customers through social media strategy and content. 

Wellness companies have the added pressure above other industries to stay true to themselves through all aspects of customer acquisition.

Staying true to your passions can seem at odds with marketing yourself and your business. I'm here to close that gap and give you the tools to define your success for yourself, in a way that stays authentic to your mission and feeds your bank account.

Let’s work together to create a smart & satisfying strategy for your soulful business.  


Social Strategy

Content Creation & Posting Schedules

Community Engagement


Partnerships & Sponsorships

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Marketing & Brand Strategy

Connect with consumers through the power of storytelling.

Build sustainable community partnerships.

Organize the marketing calendar.

Stay consistent, concise, and entertaining in every communication.


Program Development & Management

Brand Ambassador Programs

Trade Shows

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Event Planning

Pop-up Shops

Corporate Events


Introducing “Beyond the Basics”

It’s easy to start a business profile on social media… but then what?

Download the e-workbook that will take you from personal to professional in your online presence.

You’ll get:

20 page digital workbook

30 min review session

Over 8 trusted resources

Easy to use content calendar

Individualized coaching sessions

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This e-workbook is for you if…

If you have ever said “Facebook/Instagram marketing doesn’t work!”

If you don’t enjoy every single social media platform (psst - you don't have to - and neither do I!)

If you are creating a new social post every day from scratch because you think you have to.

If you have ever wondered why some posts get a ton of likes and others are complete duds.

If you have paid for an underperforming Facebook/Instagram advertisements.  

If you procrastinate posting on social media because you think it’s a waste of time.

If you have wondered why your Facebook/Instagram posts have low engagement.

If you want to find the most efficient social media strategy for your time, skill level, and business goals.

If you have an established social presence but don’t quite know how to leverage this for your business.

If you feel comfortable with your personal social media profiles, but are unsure how to post professionally.

If you have ever wanted to hire a marketing and social media consultant.

Download the e-workbook now, and book your free 30 min evaluation when you’re ready.

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You made it this far using the tools that worked best for you…

now take it Beyond the Basics